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For Your Feet

Nail Polish Change,  $10

Polish off, Polish on.

Toe Pamper, 15 min. $15
A quick touch up. Your toenails are trimmed, shaped, buffed and polished with the color of your choice.

Senior Classic Pedicure, 30 min. $30
This pedicure focuses on the special foot and toenail care needs of Seniors. Your feet enjoy a warm water bath. Toenails are cut, shaped and thinned, if needed, and cuticles are cleaned up. Dry skin is buffed away and a foot rub using an Aloe Heating/Cooling Butter will sooth your feet. Finally, your toenails are polished with the color of your choice.
NOTE: This service does not include the callus treatment or foot massage.

Toe Tingling Spa Pedicure, 60 min. $45

This spa pedicure beautifies your feet while you relax in our massaging spa chair with a refreshment in your hand and a magazine on your lap, ...or maybe just some pleasant conversation. Your feet are cleansed in a whirlpool of skin softening conditioning agents and essential oils. Cuticles and nails are perfected. Calluses are melted and filed smooth with an Intense Callus Treatment and the exfoliation is completed with a moisturizing sugar scrub. Your feet and calves are massaged with a refreshing Cooling Gel.  A heel smoothing treatment is applied to cracked heels if needed. And finally, your toenails are polished with the color of your choice.
 Relax and Done!

The Ultimate Signature Pedicure, 75 min. $55
Breath in. Exhale. Relax. We are ready to begin. Your feet are soothed in a warm bath, cuticles and nails are perfected and your feet are smoothed with an Intense Callus Treatment. Your feet are gently exfoliated with a Sugar Scrub packed with refined sugar and essential oils. A Moisturizing Foot Masque is applied and warm towels are wrapped around your feet nourishing your skin with essential oils while melting away the stress of the day. A Massage with a refreshing Cooling Gel continues to warn off stress and keeps your feet soft and supple.  A heel smoothing treatment is applied to cracked heels if needed. Your pedicure ends with your favorite polish.
A Sweet Experience! 

Detox Soak with Foot Massage, 30 min. $25

The DETOXSOAK service starts with 15 minute soak in warm water with magnesium sulfate crystals and a botanical blast of herbal extracts that help to soothe and refresh, relieve stress and elevate mood. It also helps to soften and hydrate rough skin to help with the removal of resistant calluses. Herbal extracts include, Citrus aurantium amara peel, Artemisia absinthium and Phellodendron-amurense bark. The foot soak is followed by a 15 minute foot and leg massage.

add a Detox Soak to a Pedicure, $15

add a French Manicure, $5

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